DJ Dance King was unofficially a DJ for many years before he made it official.  As a dance instructor of almost 20-years, he was masterful at motivating crowds and getting people out to the dance floor for both private & corporate events as a dance instructor. All while pairing music that would get the most amount of folks out to the dance floor regardless of experience level.  

What is your relationship with music? What does it mean to you?


Having started as a Ballroom Dance Instructor back in 2001, I have developed an incredibly eclectic taste and relationship with music. From Salsa to Tango, Swing to Waltz, ChaCha to Samba, FoxTrot to Bachata just to name a few, I’ve developed a very strong connection with music dancing anywhere from 6 to 10 hours a day. 

What do you enjoy about being a wedding DJ?


Hands down our wedding couples.  Creating a relationship with our couples in the months, weeks and days leading up to their big day, both as their dance instructor, and as their DJ — getting to know who they are and what they like.  Learning what kind of music they connect with in the course of Private Lessons makes all the difference for both them and for us to make their wedding extra special.  


It really is a special privilege to prepare wedding couples for their all-important first dance together. Then to be there for their big day and take care of making sure they’re comfortable and excited for any and everything that’ll happen is absolutely priceless.



Why do I love being a DJ?


I love music! 


Why do I love music? 


I love to dance! 


How did I get started? 


In college…my career began as a student, taking my very first ballroom dance elective class freshman year.  The next year, I began working with the instructor as an assistant teacher & started taking a teacher training program at a studio in Virginia Beach, VA.  


My newly found passion for not just dancing, but also teaching, has launched into an incredible journey of getting to share my merged love of music & dance and making a difference in people’s lives.  

What is my relationship to music? 


I grew up in a family of musicians & I played the flute.  I spent most of my childhood enjoying and learning classical music being in both the symphonic band & marching band.  So, I grew up with a healthy appreciation and genuine enjoyment of music.   


Music is emotion…I love the way it masterfully manipulates mood & atmosphere everywhere and anywhere.   It’s powerful.   Understanding that connection has afforded me many beautiful opportunities to create and individualize both dance & DJ events based on the specific desires of those I am working with.  The opportunity to work with people as individuals, couples, families, and businesses has been and continues to be both an honor and an absolute blessing.  

Teaching has helped me learn how to connect to the music even more.  


Unfortunately, my love of music & dance HAS NOT helped me be able to sing! Lol.  However, that does not stop me from belting out my favorite tunes from time to time. ;-) 



What do I enjoy most about being a DJ & Dance Instructor? 


Being an extravert by nature, I truly LOVE meeting,  working with, and helping other people.  Even more so, I love being a part of a team.